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Writing on software design, world exploration and solo endeavours.

Or anything that might spark my interest.

Build a Spotify plugin for PowerToys Run

A while ago, I stumbled on very neat project named [PowerToys](https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys). After trying its many utilities for a week, I was hooked. I knew...

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Automatiser la revue du code

On désire automatiser le processus de revue du code. Ayant déjà développé une extension VSCode pour procurer l’IntelliSense ASP, il serait préférable d’y greffer...

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Costa Rica experience, The GPT-3 way

Join me on an exciting journey as I recount my trip, brought to life through the advanced language capabilities of OpenAI's GPT-3 AI model,...

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How to build a blog in React and Next.js

While there are many out-of-the-box solutions for blogging, I believe that coding our way to our very own build has many advantages: 1. Apply any...

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