Picture of Michael Nadeau

Software engineer, maker, and trail runner.

I'm Michael, a software engineer and outdoor enthusiast based in Saint-Georges. I take on projects which blend art, software, and electronics. I make it a priority to learn something new every day.

Build a Spotify plugin for PowerToys Run

A while ago, I stumbled on very neat project named [PowerToys](https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys). After trying its many utilities for a week, I was hooked. I knew...

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Automatiser la revue du code

On désire automatiser le processus de revue du code. Ayant déjà développé une extension VSCode pour procurer l’IntelliSense ASP, il serait préférable d’y greffer...

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  1. CDID
    Research and Dev.
  2. École de technologie supérieure
    C# Software Engineer
  3. N'ware Technologies Inc.
    Analyst Programmer